We work with People to build their capacity to take on exciting, complex and unpredictable challenges.

Integrative and experiential learning based on four concepts – 4Es

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Examine Mindset

Reflecting on the way we think and the stories we tell ourselves is the foundation we build our work together on.

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Exercise Leadership

Rethinking leadership to a practice we learn with a set of tools to diagnose and address adaptive challenges.

Employ Change

Reorienting our efforts to meaningful actions reflecting the systematic diagnosis and the right mindset.

Envision life-scenarios

Reimagine our life-scenarios through a creative and thoughtful process. We plan the future and envision alternatives


Chief Coach and founder

Like any immigrant foraying into a new country’s waters, cultures, and norms, Ehab knows too well what it’s like to live first days of transition. Ehab switched careers, cities and countries, led large transformational initiatives as an outsider, started businesses, experienced failures and success that taught him the importance of having a systematic approach to leadership, and welcoming the power of having the right mind-set.

After graduating from Harvard Kennedy School, Ehab joined the teaching team of the Adaptive Leadership course at Harvard University where he coached students and experienced practitioners. He designed “Your First Days” workshop with the latest research on Adaptive Leadership, Mind-Sets and Change to support individuals make better decisions for themselves and for their communities.

Ehab has more than 15-years of demonstrated success in Engineering, Management Consulting and Banking. He leveraged his Engineering background to the business world when he earned his MBA. His latest venture focused on empowering individuals at the base of the pyramid within the sharing economy. Ehab leads the Toronto chapter of the Future Society, incorporated at Harvard Kennedy School, which specializes in questions of impact and governance of Artificial Intelligence.


Senior Trainer

Khaled Elsharkawi is a certified trainer and coach in Breakthrough Communications, as well as an accomplished project manager for large projects in Canada and internationally, covering a diversity of industries and organizations in both private and public sectors. He holds a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He also holds a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Business Information Technology. His involvement with the not-for-profit sector includes volunteering with CARE, Greenpeace, Rotary and local organizations.

Khaled is passionate to equip the next generation of leaders with the impactful tools and targeted approach to lead change. He leverages his skills and body of knowledge, together with the latest multidisciplinary research on leadership, and his effective communication to deliver an engaging learning experience